Homecoming - Season 1

A fascinating series of strange and exciting events. Homecoming is the facility that helps military soldiers move into civilian life. The series begins with the National Support Center, which has been allocated to veterans to address their military experience and return them to civilian life. On the other hand, customers who are committed to the program within that organization can expect positive results within six weeks.
Duration: 30 min
Quality: HD
Release: 2018
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  • Homecoming S01E01
    Available from: 02-11-2018
  • Homecoming S01E02
    Available from: 02-11-2018
  • Homecoming S01E03
    Available from: 02-11-2018
  • Homecoming S01E04
    Available from: 02-11-2018
  • Homecoming S01E05
    Available from: 02-11-2018
  • Homecoming S01E06
    Available from: 02-11-2018
  • Homecoming S01E07
    Available from: 02-11-2018
  • Homecoming S01E08
    Available from: 02-11-2018
  • Homecoming S01E09
    Available from: 02-11-2018
  • Homecoming S01E10
    Available from: 02-11-2018
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IGN Movies
November 01, 2018 Homecoming plays on the ideas of memory, the military industrial complex and unchecked government privilege to create a visually stunning thriller that feels positively Hichcockian in its slowly unfurling mystery.
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October 31, 2018 With its lean storytelling, contained plot, and focus on characters as opposed to power structures, it makes chaos feel manageable.
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Daily Telegraph (UK)
October 24, 2018 Homecoming is obsessively-rendered small screen Marmite that, depending on the viewer, will intrigue or frustrate. Either way it is sure to leave an impression.
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Financial Times
October 25, 2018 The amnesia thriller is an overworked genre, but sparkling performances and stylish mise-en-scène make this something worth coming home to.
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November 01, 2018 With a great deal of style and substance, Homecoming is a classic conspiracy thriller in the mold of Hitchcock, thrillingly updated for 2018.
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October 31, 2018 A thriller that actually earns the word Hitchcockian with a second-half dynamic that alternately echoes Psycho and Vertigo.
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November 01, 2018 There's Roberts, who is superb (and always is).
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San Jose Mercury News
October 30, 2018 A truly exceptional series.
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November 01, 2018 Expands the dramatic range of the podcast and adds some elaborate visuals, but still hinges on the often wary interactions among people with competing, sometimes secret agendas.
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Showbiz Junkies
November 01, 2018 The chilling and all-too-real drama is a slow build well worth investing time to watch unfold.
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