The Walking Dead - Season 4, Episode 10: Inmates

Rick is so determined to living as a human again even as he tries his family and move along with the other survivors to locate a perfect refuge.
Duration: 44 min
Quality: HD
Release: 2014
IMDb: 8.4
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Paul Vigna Wall Street Journal
July 10, 2015 "Inmates..." picks up the pace quite a bit, jumping around between all the survivors' stories.
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Nicole Lyn Pesce New York Daily News
July 10, 2015 OF COURSE Carol would find Tyreese first - Tyreese, whose girlfriend she killed in cold blood for the greater good to stop the spread of the super flu throughout the prison. This adds some delicious tension to this group.
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Tim Surette
July 10, 2015 The Walking Dead isn't asking any real questions these days, except for "Did that person die?" and "What will everyone do now?" That was incredibly apparent in "Inmates."
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Alan Sepinwall HitFix
July 10, 2015 I liked a few moments and performances here and there, but "Inmates" mostly played like The Walking Dead trying to get from Point A to Point B while reminding us of various people's names and locations.
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Zack Handlen AV Club
July 10, 2015 The show still knows how to milk the most suspense out of the possibility of loss.
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Terri Schwartz
July 10, 2015 Told out of chronological order, the episode allowed viewers to see how seemingly minute details in one storyline were actually major developments in others. It was ambitious, like "After" was, and a welcome way to spice up the series.
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John Lopez Grantland
July 10, 2015 After cruelly toying with my patience last week, The Walking Dead pulled itself together enough to tantalize me into believing that the old girl may have some new zombie-feeding tricks left up her sleeve.
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Sean McKenna TV Fanatic
July 10, 2015 I did find that the structure of the episode was unique... in that the timeline wasn't linear and often certain camera shots were replicated between groups to illustrate the crossing of paths at different times.
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Richard Rys New York Magazine/Vulture
July 10, 2015 Just when it seemed like the show was slowing down, we get last night's wild romp through the woods, full of tears, reunions, and one borderline case of infanticide.
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Maricela Gonzalez Entertainment Weekly
July 10, 2015 The trials and tribulations of these characters are still captivating to watch - and recap. Therefore, while it's all nice and good that Rick, Carl, and Michonne are relatively okay, I still really, really want to know how the other survivors are doing.
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